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About PWC Service & Support Products

 Professional Western Computers  your Authorized A+ Certified service center. We take pride in providing top quality service. Our service center is one of the most up to date in the province. Our service technicians are A+ certified and are continuously kept up to date with training on all the latest technology, we have over 65 years of experience. With PWC, not only is there a human voice at the end of the phone line, but it is the same voice every time.  You will be assigned to a personal account manager as soon as you contact us.  From that point on, that individual will be responsible for meeting your needs and answering your questions.  Each account manager has the support of a full team of service, licensing, accounting and technical professionals and they are all at your disposal.

Meeting your needs is our first priority.  You talk, we listen.  You request, we respond.  We provide customer solutions to all your needs.  We provide onsite service to your home or business, wherever you are in the province. Striving to Bringing Technology Together 29 years in Service

At PWC, our top priority is your satisfaction, and our goal is to achieve and maintain a 100% customer satisfaction rate. We realize that by providing the solutions for your organizations business and technology needs, we are helping your company to succeed. And when you are successful, so are we.
As a customer-focused company. We provide timely and accurate customer service, a fully certified technical staff, support services designed for your specific needs, and the knowledge that comes from being an experienced industry leader.

Major  services provided by PWC Include:

Computer Diagnostics & Repair
Peripheral  Diagnostics & Repair
Network installs and cable drops
Data and software recovery
Virsu and Spyware Spam
Onsite service, Internet  service
On-site service contracts
Software / Hardware  installations
Computer/Laptop & Printer Cleanings
Printer Diagnostics & Repairs
Virus and Spyware removal
System Upgrades, Custom built systems
Network design maintenance ,Implementation & cabling
Internet Services & Website Design 
Consulting, Information Technology & IT company 
 + More!


PWC offers on-site service contracts at flexible and affordable prices for any size of business. Superior customer service is top priority for PWC.

PWC On-Site Service Options

Option A:


Block time Pricing
 - The following is a breakdown of the Block Time Pricing:

Five(5) Hour Block
Ten (10) Hour Block
Fourteen (15) Hour Block
Eighteen (20) Hour Block
* Twenty five (25) Hour Block

Terms of Block Time: All “Blocks of Time” purchased are valid for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase. Any Hours remaining at the end of the purchase period will be carried forward as long as an additional block of time is purchased prior to the expiry date of the existing block. I there are no additional “Blocks of Time” purchased, any remaining hours not used at the expiry date are not carried forward or refundable. Additional “Blocks of Time” may be purchased at any time during the contract period should they be required. The block time cost will be the rate in effect at the time of purchase. Any work done when there are no block hours available, will be charged at our regular on-site rate in effect at the time.

Prices are for Regina city limits only. Contact us for pricing outside city limits